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Ramses Rashidi – the founder of Arts for Unity - is a filmmaker & composer who is dedicated to being the source of inspiration and hope through his creative works. He started performing when he was five and directed a drama on social issues at the age of twelve. Ramses studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City in the 70’s and continued studying acting & film at UCLA. Ramses lived in China from 1990-2005 where he was involved in educating children through music and the arts.  He has created numerous documentaries on peace, empowerment of women and social issues. He is currently working on a series of documentaries called “Someone Special” to inspire and empower the youth.

Bridgette Schnider is an artist and the founder of illuminated inspirations. She studied industrial arts and design and has worked on a variety of design concepts including text illumination, murals and decoration. Bridgette lived in China where she was involved in education as well as creating new material, writing lyrics, creating skits, making props, teaching dance and helping with the production of a live Children’s show. She is an active members of the industrial arts scene in Chicago where she currently lives.