The Light

By: John Sutton

This combination of dance and music shows the importance of “The Light” as the source of inspiration, enlightenment and empowerment. However, we tend to cover it up with the veils of our ignorance, prejudice and conflict. Once those veils are removed, “The Light” can shine and the rays of hope, humility, compassion, love and unity can reach the masses.


Unity Dance

By: Ramses

Unity Dance is a celebration of cultural diversity and human virtues. Dance and movement are great way for expressing our feelings and need for harmony, cooperation, knowledge, creativity, peace and unity. Cultural and ethnic dances are a wonderful way of bringing people together, sharing our experiences and building friendships. The Ingredients for Unity Dance is very simply: an initiator who calls the virtues that are to be expressed through dance, inspirational upbeat world music, a small open area and a group of people with joyful spirits ready to celebrate life and share their happiness.


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Here is a wonderful video of a simple dance that brings happiness and joy to people all over the world:

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